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Kareen Wong

Kareen Wong Consulting

Kareen (they/them) is a facilitator and leadership coach with a passion for people and conversations that enable people to participate and express themselves from a place of wholeness. Kareen is a mixed-race, queer, gender non-conforming settler and they move through their work with deep acknowledgement for the intersectional nature of the lives we lead. They bring expertise from eight years of facilitating and co-designing public and stakeholder engagement processes for civil society organizations, non-profits, post-secondary institutions, private sector and government at municipal, provincial and federal levels.

In their coaching practice, Kareen works with clients to find freedom from the unique blocks and barriers that hold them back and supports them to move forward toward the life they want to lead. Their practice centres and serves people on the margins: 2SLGBTQ+ people, women and individuals with marginalized gender identities, Indigenous and Black people, and people of colour. Kareen brings a trauma-informed and human-centered approach which they consider key to long-lasting impact and meaningful change.

In their spare time, you’ll find them cooking (and eating), hiking or curled up at home in a cozy blanket nest.

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