Mission & Values

Community impact is at the core of everything we do. We believe in the potential of local change initiatives to create global ripples of positive impact. 


We partner with organizations, individuals, and initiatives to design, implement, and strengthen solutions to complex social challenges facing communities.


We envision an interconnected mosaic of thriving, equitable, and sustainable communities.

Respect the


We build on what’s working and seek out asset-based solutions. We work with ecosystem stakeholders and create opportunities for collaboration.

Nothing for Us Without Us

We bring a lens around equity, diversity, and inclusion to all of our work. We ensure diverse voices are being included, respected and heard.


We believe that personal reflection and growth is key to social change. We strive to create safe spaces for open and honest dialogue and learning.

Be Bold

We nurture experimentation, exploration and innovation. We challenge groups to generate bold new solutions to stuck challenges.

Work Smarter

We support organizations with evidence-based decision making and planning. We pride ourselves on doing thoughtful, intentional, and carefully planned work.

Focus on Impact

We put social, environmental and cultural impact at the core of all of our work. We help organizations chart a path to enacting their mission & vision.