Our Team

We are here to complement you and your team’s expertise. We bring skills, tools and a dedicated team of support to your work so you can focus on your most pressing tasks.

About Roots & Rivers

Roots & Rivers Consulting is a social innovation consultancy based in Vancouver, BC. Founded in 2017 by Annelies Tjebbes and built on deep experience in strategic planning, facilitation, and evaluation we have led and supported initiatives locally, nationally and globally. Projects are taken on by a range of core members, partners and subcontractors brought together to ensure we have the best team in place to serve and support you.

We have worked with clients from across social purpose space including non-profits, social enterprises, governments, foundations and co-ops and have been recognised for the impact and growth we’ve been able to bring to organizations and teams.

We have deep values alignment with the projects we take on and work tirelessly to support and help enact visions for change for our clients.

Why Roots & Rivers?

We help organizations get grounded in their values and vision for change and then support them to build an action plan and chart a path to impact, making strategic, evidence-based decisions along the way.


Annelies Tjebbes


Annelies Tjebbes is a systems change leader with a background in social innovation, community development, and social enterprise. Annelies has launched two companies and has provided comprehensive strategic planning, evaluation and facilitation services to organizations, companies and social enterprises globally. Originally trained as a Biomedical Engineer she has experience managing complex social and technical projects and leverages a strong skill set in problem-solving, design thinking and project management. She is an Innoweave Evaluation Coach and brings evidence based decision making and reflective practices to all of her work. 

Annelies is passionate about community and has worked in rural, remote and urban regions to support change initiatives. She dives into projects with a curious mindset, building connections to learn from and with community members. She has experience navigating complex social, political, cultural, and historical community dynamics. Annelies received training through the Getting to Maybe Social Innovation Residency and she brings toolkits and frameworks from this program to projects to help clients manage complexity and move to impact. Annelies has championed social causes throughout her life and is proud to align her consultancy with her deep-rooted values around social justice.


Hayley Rutherford


Hayley Rutherford has built a career in service of helping people understand complex problems. Formerly the Research and Programming Manager for Waterloo Global Science Initiative, she has extensive experience creating events, programs and reports that are built on evidence and supported by collaboration. Hayley is skilled in strategic analysis & planning, topic research,

client collaboration and editorial management. She has a masters degree in food and bioproduct sciences and a graduate diploma in science communication which give her a strong foundation of academic rigor and an appreciation for interdisciplinarity. Hayley brings curiosity and commitment to all her work.

Austin Lui

Facilitation & Strategic Planning Expert

Austin is the programming and partnership director at EMBERS Eastside Works, a low-barrier employment hub in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. He has been involved since the inception of this pilot program, since 2018, and has been integral to the development and operations of Eastside Works. Completing his Masters in Community and Regional Planning at UBC, his interests include community and economic development, social innovation, housing, and mental health. He has over 10 years of experience working in the non-profit sector,

with over 8 of those  years working directly with marginalized populations. As a consultant, Austin specializes in strategic planning, evaluation, facilitation, economic development, and graphic design.  Through his work, he has built strong partnerships with organizations and institutions such as the Vancouver Foundation, City of Vancouver, UBC Learning Exchange, BCCSU, Raise the Rates, Spencer Creo Foundation, Atira Women's Resources Society, Portland Hotel Society, North Vancouver School District, and UBC's School for Community and Regional Planning.

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Eliane Bowden

Graphic Designer

Eliane is in charge of making things look great. Originally joining Roots & Rivers as executive assistant, she now crafts the web experience and designs custom tools, reports, and visuals. Outside of Roots & Rivers, Eliane works as an engagement coordinator for RADIUS SFU, a social innovation hub in Vancouver, BC. When not working for these incredible organizations, Eliane is strategically connecting with all the

youth in Metro Vancouver in an effort to create a more robust youth community in the lower mainland. Check out a special project of hers: Get Out There is a hub for information about civic, social, and environmental opportunities in Greater Vancouver for young adults aged 16-29. Get Out There shares all the amazing opportunities in this city that many youth never find out about.

Shawna Zegarra

Operations & Admin Lead

Shawna is the founder of Zeda Virtual Assistants and has several years of experience as a department coordinator, project manager and social media specialist. Her passion lies with helping people who are helping others. Just like Roots and Rivers! With the Roots & Rivers team she provides operations and administrative support to help make sure the organization runs smoothly. 

When she's not championing Google Drive organization or project management, Shawna is pursuing an education in fitness instruction and nutrition education to facilitate body positivity and self-love amongst all people. In her spare time, she's an avid gardener and loves the outdoors. Be it finishing a project or pursuing her hobbies, Shawna approaches every challenge with a positive attitude and high standards.