Akid Azfar

Annelies has the rare ability to bring her passion and enthusiasm into every meeting and every aspect of her work. I had the pleasure of working with Annelies for almost two years and spent a year under her leadership. I was impressed by her ability to bring fire and passion into many of the projects I had worked with her on, that makes you want to give your best. Annelies' excellent interpersonal skills and her capacity to show empathy make her a strong leader you want to work for and rally behind. And, of course, I must mention that whenever I needed a champion for my work, I could always reach out to Annelies and find her wholehearted support. Annelies would be an excellent addition to any team or organization looking for an excellent problem solver; a fierce leader who would not shy away from making tough decisions; and a strong team player who will go to great lengths to ensure her team's success.