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We are humbled by the community we get the chance to collaborate with. We are grateful and proud to support inspiring individuals and teams internationally through our work.



Annelies was a pleasure to work with. She's thoughtful, highly competent and efficient. She supported our team to develop a strategic plan that will no doubt increase the impact of our future work.

Esther Hsieh

Executive Director, Umbrella Multicultural Health Co-op

Annelies has an amazing thirst for knowledge and understanding about how to achieve big impact in the world! Her commitment and drive were undeniable during the Social Innovation Residency where I first met her. She has a mature willingness to question, to be curious and to explore - and she can manage the inevitable tensions that emerge when working on very complex issues. I recently had a chance to co-present a workshop with Annelies and I SO appreciated her capacities for collaboration and creativity. She has a hard won knowledge of how system change happens - born from both formal learning but also from concrete personal and professional experiences. She knows how to make change happen!

Cheryl Rose

Stillbridge Consulting

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 9.48.37 PM.png

Working with Annelies has been an extremely valuable process. Annelies encourages us to ask the difficult questions, and then to sit in our silence until we answer them in a meaningful way. Annelies has been able to draw out reflections about our work that most likely wouldn't have come up without her.

Alexie Stephens

Coordinator, North Coast Innovation Lab

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Monica Davis.png

In May 2018 we hired Annelies as a Lead JUMP! Facilitator to assist in a Learning Service program with a local Independent School. Annelies showed strength in capturing ideas and concepts, sharing ideas, voicing questions and offering valued suggestions. I found her to be forward thinking, as she would think critically to bridge ideas and come up with creative concepts to amplify the program impact. Most of all I appreciated her willingness to step-in and step-up, wherever and whenever needed. She was a reliable and strong member to the team and I would look forward to having her on more JUMP! Programs.

Monica Davis

Director, JUMP! Foundation
Nathan Randall.png

Overall, the strategic and developmental evaluation support of Annelies has enabled the NCIL to grow as a reflective innovation initiative, staying grounded and reminded of our mission, values and priorities, while keeping on track with our day-to-day activities, outputs and results. Adjustments and pivots are natural to social innovation lab processes, but recognizing them and capturing these effects over time has been a critically valuable aspect of receiving Annelies’ support, and we hope to continue evaluating, learning and strategizing in this manner in 2020 and beyond.

Nathan Randall

Manager, North Coast Innovation Lab

Hafiz Mitha.png

Annelies is an amazing facilitator. She ran the Radius Slingshot Program and I had the pleasure of working with her for 6 months on a bi-weekly basis. Her ability to gauge a room and break down barriers made the experience extremely valuable. She is very skilled at creating a safe, open and honest environment and leads by example. What made her exceptional was her genuine interest in all of our ventures. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to not only work with her but to also call her a friend.

Hafiz Mitha

Founder, PlayCity App

Annelies facilitated and mentored my cohort at the SFU Radius Trampoline Program for early stage ventures. I really enjoyed her personable and professional approach to engaging our group and guiding us along a challenging journey of crafting our pitch and validating our business model. Kudos to her ability to break down complex and overwhelming concepts into manageable and tactical plans - my teammates and I were impressed with the amount of knowledge, skills and tools we gained within the 8-week program.

Grace Jang

UX Designer, Salesforce
Grace Jang.png

I would not hesitate to recommend Annelies. She was our Lead during my time at the SFU Trampoline program. Annelies is a fantastic facilitator, she is professional, entertaining, and clearly cares deeply about the work that she does. Annelies has personally helped our business with her insights and advice. She is a great communicator and would be a benefit to any business or project she gets involved in.

Dan Tatton

Founder, Seven Movements

Dan Tatton.png
Johanna Li.png

Working with Annelies helps me sleep a night because I know someone else is keeping us mindful of all the work we do.  It has been a great experience working with her and I know the team sees the benefits as well."

Johanna Li

Manager, Eastside Works - EMBERS

I participated in the Health Slingshot Program at Radius SFU when Annelies was coordinating the activities for the group. She showed amazing people and leading skills. Annelies was present and resourceful when I needed to sort out business related issues. She offered her advice and researched solutions for me. I really appreciated working with her and would love for our paths to cross again in the future.

Caroline Dailly

Founder, Graines de Chef

Caroline Dailly.png

Annelies is as inspiring and driven of a leader as I've ever worked with. She loves to dive into tough conversations and problems, and is unafraid to receive feedback along the way. I vividly remember how engaged and animated she was during a 1 on 1 conversation we had on the subject of my concerns about a new goal-setting framework that the EWB National Office was rolling out for university chapters to implement. She did a great job listening, but also took opportunities to challenge my thinking in a way that pushed me to articulate my thoughts more clearly.

Ishan Tikku

Product Manager, ACGC

Ishan Tikku.png

Annelies is that rare kind of person who is so multi-dimensional talented and values-driven that she becomes an incredibly positive force in every context. Her energy is ambitious, grounded, and powerful, and I would recommend anyone to welcome her as a collaborator in any effort to make the world better. I have seen her build effective teams, strategies, and relationships that unlock the energies of others and create new possibilities for change that we wouldn't have thought possible. She was on my team when I was the President of the Engineers Without Borders Chapter at the University of British Columbia, and I have had the pleasure of working with her on various projects through the years.

Michael Kang

Reos Partners

Michael Kang.png

Annelies has the rare ability to bring her passion and enthusiasm into every meeting and every aspect of her work. I had the pleasure of working with Annelies for almost two years and spent a year under her leadership. I was impressed by her ability to bring fire and passion into many of the projects I had worked with her on, that makes you want to give your best. Annelies' excellent interpersonal skills and her capacity to show empathy make her a strong leader you want to work for and rally behind. And, of course, I must mention that whenever I needed a champion for my work, I could always reach out to Annelies and find her wholehearted support. Annelies would be an excellent addition to any team or organization looking for an excellent problem solver; a fierce leader who would not shy away from making tough decisions; and a strong team player who will go to great lengths to ensure her team's success.

Akid Azfar

Patent Examiner, Innovation, Science and Economic Development at ACGC)

Akid Azfar.png

It's a great stroke of luck to have a manager as skilled at coaching as Annelies. I had the good fortune to be managed by her at Engineers Without Borders through a number of different projects and ever-shifting responsibilities. I was always impressed by her attitude and the diligence she brought to her work. From convening impactful spaces, mentoring new team members and working to outline strategies for change creation, Annelies always added great insights and took our work to the next level. She gives the best high fives as well. Annelies will add value to any team she joins, and I would happily work with her again.

Brett McMillan

Program Coordinator, ACGC
Brett McMillan.png
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