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Annelies is an amazing facilitator. She ran the Radius Slingshot Program and I had the pleasure of working with her for 6 months on a bi-weekly basis. Her ability to gauge a room and break down barriers made the experience extremely valuable. She is very skilled at creating a safe, open and honest environment and leads by example. What made her exceptional was her genuine interest in all of our ventures. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to not only work with her but to also call her a friend.

Hafiz Mitha

Founder, PlayCity App

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Annelies has an amazing thirst for knowledge and understanding about how to achieve big impact in the world! Her commitment and drive were undeniable during the Social Innovation Residency where I first met her. She has a mature willingness to question, to be curious and to explore - and she can manage the inevitable tensions that emerge when working on very complex issues. I recently had a chance to co-present a workshop with Annelies and I SO appreciated her capacities for collaboration and creativity. She has a hard won knowledge of how system change happens - born from both formal learning but also from concrete personal and professional experiences. She knows how to make change happen!

Cheryl Rose

Stillbridge Consulting

Cheryl Rose

Annelies is that rare kind of person who is so multi-dimensional talented and values-driven that she becomes an incredibly positive force in every context. Her energy is ambitious, grounded, and powerful, and I would recommend anyone to welcome her as a collaborator in any effort to make the world better. I have seen her build effective teams, strategies, and relationships that unlock the energies of others and create new possibilities for change that we wouldn't have thought possible. She was on my team when I was the President of the Engineers Without Borders Chapter at the University of British Columbia, and I have had the pleasure of working with her on various projects through the years.

Michael Kang

Reos Partners

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