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We bring a creative and innovative approach to tackling the most pressing issues facing our global society. We leverage systems change, design thinking and a focus on people to bring about community-driven change. 

Systems Change

All of our work deals with complex stuck challenges. We need creativity, collaboration and a systems lens to tackle these issues and create longstanding change. Key elements to our approach include navigating challenges from various system levels (individual, organisational, institutional), understanding root causes of the issues, identifying leverage points, and creating tangible strategies to enact change.

One of our guiding principles is patient urgency and we approach all projects with an urgency to address the pressing issues at hand, but with the patience and diligence to solve these problems comprehensively. We don’t want to put bandaids on problems so we take our time to zoom out, map out strategies, and contribute to widespread sustainable change.


Design Thinking

It is often by shifting the lens we are looking through that we can uncover insights or opportunities to tackle stuck problems. We bring a design background that supports creative and thoughtful idea generation. Our team leverages social innovation and social R&D tools and frameworks that enable clients to explore their work from different angles and incorporate new voices and techniques to solve challenges. 

We don’t stop at design; We bring our experience and training in project management and complexity to help organisations and individuals navigate the implementation of their ideas and initiatives. Whether it’s helping launch an idea or designing the steps to bring it to fruition, we are right there alongside clients to support them in the process.



We put people and communities at the center and build from there. We help clients connect back to the individuals they are serving, and the impact they are striving towards and ensure these are at the core of everything they do. 

When designing engagement opportunities and facilitating learning experiences we aim to serve the needs and styles of diverse audiences while not compromising overall objectives or catering to often prioritized voices or populations.

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