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Areas of Focus

We are passionate about improving livelihoods in our local and global community. We work on a diversity of social challenges and bring specific expertise around the areas below.


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We believe in supporting local, grass-roots solutions and strive for community sovereignty, vibrancy and prosperity. We leverage social innovation tools to address complex social, environmental, economic and cultural challenges affecting communities.  



We believe in finding innovative ways to tackle stuck problems by leveraging social innovation, social R&D and social entrepreneurship. We believe in new forms of capitalism that serve our communities and the planet. We believe in finding a balance between social impact and financial sustainability. 

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Health Innovation,
Access & Equity

We believe in community-based, integrated and holistic care. We believe in a world where healthcare is world-class worldwide, and is accessible and culturally appropriate to each individual it serves. We support innovations that will improve quality, delivery and access to care. We are passionate about improving our global community’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. 


We do our own personal work to explore and acknowledge our power and privilege and identify how it shows up in our processes and work. We also collaborate with populations that have been historically marginalized and strive to help center voices that have been on the margins. We have specific experience working on: Indigenous entrepreneurship, gender equity immigrant experiences, poverty alleviation, and economic inclusion. 

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