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How Can Meaningful Engagement Drive Impactful Strategic Planning?

The start of a new fiscal year is an important time of reflection. It's a time when many Canadian social purpose organizations, nonprofits and charities start thinking about strategic planning. In this featured article for Charity Village, our team explores the importance of meaningful engagement to access the collective wisdom of your staff, board and community to build an impactful strategic plan. We cover:

  • why engagement matters in strategic planning;

  • engaging your leadership and frontline staff, board members, community and peers;

  • great questions to ask;

  • making meaning of what you've learned.

We know engagement is not just a preliminary step in the strategic planning process – it is the heartbeat that sustains the plan throughout its life. Interested in learning more about strategic planning with Roots & Rivers? Get in touch by emailing or filling out this form.

A group of people are seated in chairs in a large circle. One person is standing to introduce themselves.
An engagement process facilitated by the Roots & Rivers team.


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